Banishers (Mage: the Awakening) by Jackie Cassada, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Malcolm

By Jackie Cassada, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Malcolm Sheppard

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Being an Acanthus or Obrimos is more than a facility for certain Arcana. It’s a particular perspective on the world, informed by a Supernal Realm’s influence on consciousness itself. Banishers are no different from other mages in this respect, but in most cases, Banishers will either harness their Paths’ perspectives to make them better at attacking the enemy or do their best to deny everything their Paths stand for. Where most mages basically trust their Path’s influence, many Banishers do not.

There’s even evidence that Banishers do not always consciously learn magic. Something in their obsessive mindset makes them sensitive to arcane currents and supernatural patterns so that their souls quietly learn to better harness Supernal power. Banishers don’t have an easier time learning magic than other Awakened — quite the opposite, in fact. A Banisher’s intuitive abilities are a poor substitute for formal training. Therefore, while keeping grimoires and occult secrets out of the hands of Banishers slows down their progress, it can’t snuff it out.

The classic Christian witch hunter is too powerful a motif to reject out of hand. As Banishers are usually antagonists, though, keep in mind that any religion they choose is only a vehicle for moral support and self-justification. The things Banishers do in the name of Jesus Christ, or anyone else, are theirs to account for alone. Chapter One: The Purpose 37 food, fit for eating by any creature that can stomach them. Life magic uncovers the basic, animalistic bonds between a person and her environment, while Spirit spells unveil the role of Resonance, emotional energy and ecologies based on thought and feeling.

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