B-25 Mitchell units of the MTO by Steve Pace

By Steve Pace

The 12th Air strength * twelfth Airforce B-25 Mitchell devices within the MTO * The twelfth Bomb workforce (Medium) - The Earthquakers * The 310th crew (Medium) * The 319th staff (Medium) * The 321st crew (Medium) * The 340th staff (Medium) * Appendices * color Plates observation

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Throughout his career at NACA and NASA Langley, Houbolt was not a terribly prolific author of technical papers. A complete bibliography of his papers is available among the author's papers in the LHA. 19. John C. Houbolt interview, Williamsburg, VA, 24 August 1989, transcript in LHA, p. 3. 20. , p. 7-8. 21. , p. 9. On Rand and the early space program, see Walter A. McDougall, Heavens and the Earth: A Political History of the Space Age (New York: Basic Books, 1985), especially p. 89, 102, 106-110, 121-123.

This was a noteworthy personal courtesy by von Braun to the Langley engineer. "122 The LOR decision was finalized in the following weeks, when the two powerful groups of converts at Houston and Huntsville, along with the original band of believers at Langley, persuaded key officials at NASA headquarters, notably Administrator James Webb, who had been holding out for direct ascent, that LOR was the only way to land on the Moon by 1969. With the key players lined up behind the concept, the NASA Manned Space Flight Management Council announced that it favored LOR on 22 June 1962.

65. Houbolt interview, 24 August 1989, p. 30. 66. , p. 28. 67. Hacker and Grimwood, On the Shoulders of Titans, p. 61. 68. Ibid. 69. See McDougall, Heavens and the Earth, p. 8, 318, 328; Murray and Cox, Apollo: The Race to the Moon, p. 79-80. 70. For an analysis of Lyndon Johnson's enthusiasm for the lunar mission, see McDougall, Heavens and the Earth, p. 319-320; Logsdon, Decision to Go to the Moon, p. 119-121. 71. For a more complete analysis of the political thinking behind Kennedy's lunar commitment, see chapter 15, "Destination Moon" (p.

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