Awakening to the Dream: The gift of lucid living by Leo Hartong, Tony Parsons

By Leo Hartong, Tony Parsons

Awakening to the Dream talks concerning the present of lucid residing, shock of re-cognising the secret of our collective and precise id, and approximately re-membering the treasure trove inside of.

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This sense of being separate is one of the definitions of the word ego. We will get back to this later on in more detail, but for now it suffices to say that the words ego and individual, as used in this text, stand for the illusory sense of separation created at the point where Pure Awareness apparently forgets itself and identifies with a time-andspace-bound entity. The dynamic processes of this entity appear as thoughts, feelings, experiences, and the body-mind organism. They are labeled as objective possessions: my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences, and my body.

The same goes for sensations, thoughts, and emotions. They cannot be who I am because their nature is impermanent and fleeting, while the sense of ‘I’ remains constant. The ‘I’ that questions who it is can no more investigate itself than a mirror can reflect itself. Here is a dialogue between Bodhidharma and Hui-k’o: Hui-k’o: My mind is not at peace. Please Master, pacify it for me. Bodhidharma: Bring me your mind and I will pacify it for you. Hui-k’o: When I look for it I cannot find it. Bodhidharma: There, I have pacified your mind!

Pmd 34 15-5-2003, 20:05 6 Saints, sinners, seekers and sages There is only one Guru, ever present, The whole universe is His ashram, No need for a path that leads to here, No need to meditate for all is sacred, No need to find what never was lost. If you have come this far in the text and are still reading, chances are good that you are what is known as a seeker. Many seekers sincerely believe that they want to find the truth and that this truth will set them free. The fact of the matter is that, more often than not, they have already decided on what this truth should be like.

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