Automatic control in aerospace, 1992 : selected papers from by D B DeBra; E Gottzein; International Federation of

By D B DeBra; E Gottzein; International Federation of Automatic Control

House cars became more and more complicated lately, and the variety of missions has improved because of extending frontiers within the exploration of our planetary method and the universe past. The development of computerized keep an eye on in aerospace displays those advancements. Key components coated in those lawsuits comprise: the dimensions and complexity of spacecrafts and the more and more stringent functionality requisites to be fulfilled in a harsh and unpredictable surroundings; the merger of area automobiles and airplanes into house planes to release and retrieve payloads via reusable winged autos; and the call for to extend area automation and autonomy to minimize human involvement up to attainable in manned, man-tended and unmanned missions. This quantity covers not just the newly evolving key applied sciences but additionally the classical problems with tips, navigation and regulate.

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4 . . . .. .... ; f . ... .. i . .... ... ;. .... . . .. . . f . ........ ; ................ ··· · ........ ;............... .. · ······· . ..... 3 'O � S2. z z < a: :Q N c � CD :t:: 0 . . r . . r .. ......... . . . . r . . . r t . � . . ............ . . .. .. . .. .. 2 0 50 100 200 350 400 time (sec] Figure 3. Comparison of Individual Pilot Elevator Control and Output of Trained ANN for a Final Approach Test Flight 30 Figure 4. Structure of CASSY Standard deviation of airspeed ( KIAS ) 45 .................................................................................................

The RMS may be cons idered as a very flexible manipu lator , which means that its l inks def lect substantial ly . When the arm i s acce lerated and stopped ; large vibrations occur which makes the positioning o f the tip very d i f ficult . The astronauts experience whi l e hand l ing Space Shuttle cargo or s atell ites indicates that one has to wait more than 20 minutes for manipulator ' s t ip to stab i l i zed . I f more complex assembly tasks or operations are being performed on the orbit , the cumulative settl ing t ime before the arm ' s tip vibrations damp down to withi n 1 inch amp litude ' s margin could be 1 0 - 2 0 hours or more for 15 Space Station Freedom ( S S F ) related flight s .

The " preshaped input " method is s imp ler, because it does not require ident i f ication of parameters l ike frequency , damping and friction . The drawback o f this method is that it cannot take into account d i s turbances coming from the s huttle attitude changes . The " feedback " method may a l low better damping but it requires the knowledge of the system in form of mathematical model and its parameters . There were s everal studies done on act ive vibration damping control ( Dameo , 1990; Scott and Dameo , 1 9 9 1 ) for the RMS .

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