Australasian Tokens Coins by Arthur Andrews

By Arthur Andrews

Каталог монет и жетонов Австралии.

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Is 36. and R. as No. O. * mm. 31 —As No. R. — As No. O. COINS. Normal. O. and R. as No. 36, but the piece 39. AND AUSTRAL,! ST. -iX TOKEXS 32 D with the in line T mider the of last vertical of BEATH and the vertical M. — As No. 32. Penny Normal. ). —As No. 35. R. — As No. 0. This 35. 42. BEAVEN, *Penn3'. Invercargill. S. Rare. 1863. — IRONMONGER S. BEAVEN In the Yelland collection. a larger piece. is New Zealand. mm. Normal. & / MERCHANT 31 (T. ) PI. 5. Z. below. Beaded / in three rim. — Austrahan Arms, PEACE AND PLENTY ADVANCE AUSTRALIA 43.

Beaded rim. in two curved lines below. of rose, GENERAL R. in as No 5, with 1855 under over, within the beaded rim. Arms Australian AUSTRALLA This 7. New Janibcroo. is also rare and seldom found in and ADVANCE good order. ALLIANCE TEA COMPANY. Christchurch. New Zealand. *Penny. i8bb. 34 mm. Normal. (T. ) PI. i. MPSON / MANAGER in five hues across field, a short bar between the third and fourth hues. ALLIANCE TEA COMPANY curved above, 1866 below. The Y of COMPANY is level with Rim beaded. the bottom of the D of ZEALAND.

47, Init witli the top corner of the BROOKES, W. & *Penny. 50. below — As the obverse. S of 49. PI. 5. Penny R. 48. Normal. in large capitals straight across centre, above and R. Queensland. Brisbane. ). 33 . HAM STREET round within indented rim. R. — A conical in 51. two mountain, probably Mt. \K-\NAKi Indented rim. BUTTERWORTH, *Penny O. ). , 34 nun. — A large figure Co. Castlemaine. Normal. (W. i>'iO J. Victoria. ) PI. 6. EOREST STREET in three BUTTERWORTH & C^^ CASTLEMAINE T. , lines in the exergue.

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