Astrology in Roman Law and Politics by Frederick H. Cramer

By Frederick H. Cramer

Booklet through Cramer, Frederick H.

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45,-c. 776. Diogenes of Babylon—his native town was the cradle of ancient astrology—was frequently referred to in Greek and Roman literature. “ Suetonius, de rhetoribus. 1; Gellius. 15. 11. 1. 52 T H E R IS E A N D T R IU M P H O F A STR O LO G Y IN T H E L A T IN W O R LD of scholars. Of such emissaries five Greeks between 170 and 140 B. c. "7 The live were : (1) Crates of Mallos, eclectic, often tending towards Stoicism, (2 ) Diogenes the Baby­ lonian. Stoic. (3 ) Cameades of Cvrene, Academic.

Amim. R E 11. 1921: c. 1930, no. 3,—c. 1932. 73 Strabo, 2, 5. 10 ( f. 116) ; also 3, 4, 4 (f. 157). By means of allegorical interpretation Crates tried to impute to Homer a Stoic concept of geography; Macrobius, sown. , 2, 9, 7; compare A. Schlachteit, Per Globus. -intike, Stoicheia 8; Ilf. , Leipzig and Berlin. , F. ; H. J. Mette, Sphairopoiia. Uiftersuclmngcn sur Kosmologie dcs Kratcs von Pcryamnn. Muenchen, Beck. 1936, also contains all known fragments of Crates' writings. 75 H e thus liecame a distinguished figure in the capital of the Attalid kingdom.

3 f. Cicero, dc natura dearum 2, 46. 118; Philo, dc aet. 76. l5‘ Philo, de aetemitate mundi, 15, 76. 58 T H E R IS E A N D T R IU M P H O F A S T R O L O G Y IN T H E L A T IN W O R LD assertion (attacked by Carneades and others) that m an’s destiny depended solely on the constellation of the moment of his conception, or birth respectively, i. e. >efore the stars all men were equal. W ealth or poverty of one's parents, race or religious traditions were at the most considered to be secondary factors in the shaping of a man's character a|nd his success or failure in life.

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