Arabic Manuscripts: a Vademecum for Readers (Handbook of by Adam Gacek

By Adam Gacek

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51) Transcription ṣaḥīḥ dhalika wa-kataba al-multajiʾu ilá ḥaram Allāh taʿālá /1/ al-Ḥ asan bn Muḥammad bn al-Ḥ asan al-Ṣaghānī aḥallahu Allāh aʿlá /2/ maḥāll ūlá al-faḍl wa-al-ḥijá wa-jaʿalahu ʿalaman fī al-faḍāʾil /3/ ka-al-najm fī al-dujá ḥāmidan wa-muṣalliyan h (= intahá) /4 B Bequest statements and documents Bequest (endowment) statements (documents, deeds) are known as waqfīyāt (in the Islamic East) or taḥ bīsāt (Islamic West). Because of their nature and function, they form a special category of → ownership statements (Gacek 1987A; Kenderova 2002).

Tab. 6: Details of RBD A29 (Qurʾan, probably 10/16th century) 20 –b– Binion → Quire (gathering) Birth and death statements Birth statements usually begin with the verb wulida, for instance, wulida lī mawlūd. . , wulida li-kātibih. . , qad wulida ibnī ʿAbd al-Aḥ ad… (Juʿbah 2001: 109, 134–5, 178–9, 201–2, 223, 332, 345, 567). Death statements (obits) on the other hand invariably start with the verb tuwuffiya or māta. For instance, al-ḥ amd li-Llāh tuwuffiya Abū Jaʿfar ibn al-Naḥ ḥ ās mu’allif hādhā al-kitāb sanat thamānin wa-thalathīn wa-thalāth mi’ah (Munajjid 1960: pl.

9: Two types of decorated borders: a) RBD A6 (India, 1196/182); b) RBD AC136 (Turkey, probably 12/18th century) a b –b– 39 Album (Schimmel 1984: opposite page 76; Brand and Lowry 1985: 58). The border decoration also includes the technique of vaṣsạ̄ lī, that is, the use of → tinted (coloured) and → decorated papers for the margins (Déroche et al. 2006: 242). Broken cursive → New Abbasid Style Budūḥ → Magic squares Burnisher See also Gilt and gilding, Writing implements and accessories Fig. 28: Three agate burnishers (Derman 1998: 12) The burnisher (miṣqalah, ṣaqqāl) was one of the tools used for polishing surfaces, especially → leather, → paper and gold (→ Gilt and gilding).

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