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Functional Requirements The module would be a fully programmable, servo-driven robot with advanced controller capable of interfacing with a vision module, other sensor modules, and teleoperator control. com 30 APPLICATIONS OF ROBOTICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE would include a teach-box programmer to provide the simplest programming capability by unitlevel nonspecialists. The teleoperator would provide the operator with the ability to operate the robot on one-at-a-time tasks that do not require repetitive operations or are too difficult to program for automatic operation.

Finally, greater accuracy and compliance where desired will be available [4-8]. The method of actuation, design of actuation, and servo systems are of course related to the design and performance dynamics discussed above. com 49 APPLICATIONS OF ROBOTICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE actuation systems at Carnegie-Mellon University, MIT, and elsewhere promises to provide direct drive motors, servo-control pneumatic systems, and other advantages in power systems. The end effector of the robot has also been a subject of intensive research.

A possible precedent to consider is the manner in which DOD funded the Very High Speed Integrated Circuits (VHSIC) program. It was considered an area of great promise that warranted funding as a matter of highest priority; applications were sought and found later on, after the research was well under way. Similarly, there is little question that we have barely begun to scratch the surface in identifying high-payoff applications of robotics and artificial intelligence technology. com 36 APPLICATIONS OF ROBOTICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 32 6 OTHER CONSIDERATIONS In the course of its studies, the committee identified a number of important considerations that can be expected to bear heavily on the Army's decisions on future applications of robotics and AI technology.

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