Amrita Gita [ The Song of Immortality ] by Sri Swami Sivananda

By Sri Swami Sivananda

Forty five pp.

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And for the briefest moment, I did see the look on his face. He saw my eyes and knew for certain he’d overestimated me. He was certain the immaturity and curiosity in me would overpower the full-grown soldier in me and I’d wreck his precious TAU plans. And I came this close to doing it. But I didn’t. Ressler had won my conditional trust and despite my friendship to Jody, I would follow the rules and keep my trap shut. Maybe it was because of my friendship with Jody. She’d had enough tossing around with this intrigue and hidden agenda and dirty spy fighting.

That’s okay. No, I didn’t get them from the twenty-first century. The fact is I don’t know where I got them. I do know that I need to be careful that whatever is over there doesn’t find out I have UTC knowledge. I don’t want to put too much importance on myself, but the being over there probably doesn’t know UTC, and would consider me a major threat if it discovered me. ” Jody whistled. In the puterverse, it sounded like a kazoo. “That makes sense. They’re in on everything. ” “Yes and no. They have a common goal--suppression of Earth’s social and technical development.

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