Amines & Their Metabolites (NEUROMETHODS) (Neuromethods 2 by Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker

By Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker

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2 mL) is added to the two tubes not containing cysteine. Fluorescence IS measured at X,,, 315 nm; A,,,,, 430 nm. 3. ESTIMATION 1,2-diaminoethane Two samples (1 mL each) of the extract are employed for analysis. 1 kg) IS added to one of the samples to act as an mternal standard. After heating both tubes in the dark in a water bath (60°C for 20 mm), they are cooled m ice. 3 mL) is added to each. 3 mL). Fluorescence IS measured at A,,, 385 nm; h,,, 450 nm. The overall procedure is summarized in the flow diagram m Fig.

Some Representative Applica tlons Procedures similar to the one described have been used extensively for simultaneous estimation of DA, NA, and 5-HT m small quantities of nervous tissue. , 1978). Concentrations of DA, NA, and 5-HT m rat and mouse brain regions are shown m Table 1 These values are in good general agreement with those in the current literature obtamed usmg alternative techniques Cerebral amme turnover studies involving the use of ammedepleting drugs have been used as an aid to the elucidation of the mechanisms of action of drugs affecting the central nervous system.

Neuropharmacol 3, 643-649 Chilcote D. D (1972) Column-chromatographic analysis of naturally fluorescing compounds: II Rapid analysis of mdoleacetic acid and 5-hydroxymdoleacetic acid m biological samples, CIU~. Chem. 18, 1376-1378. Cohen G. and Goldenberg M (1957) The simultaneous fluorimetric determmatron of adrenalme and noradrenalme m plasma. I The fluorescence characteristics of adrenolutme and noradrenolutme and then simultaneous determination in mixtures. J Neurochem 2, 58-70 Cohen I and Vogel W.

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