America's Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage by Daniel R. Pinello

By Daniel R. Pinello

America's fight for Same-Sex Marriage chronicles the evolution of the social flow for same-sex marriage within the usa and examines the political controversies surrounding homosexual people's quest for entry to the civil establishment of marriage. The booklet makes a speciality of the momentous occasions that started in November 2003, whilst the Massachusetts very best Judicial court docket declared unequivocally that the state's conferral of marriage basically on opposite-sex violated constitutional rules of admire for person autonomy and equality less than legislation. the choice either prompted a political backlash of nationwide percentage and triggered officers in San Francisco, Multnomah County (OR), Sandoval County (NM), and New Paltz (NY) to factor marriage licenses to same-sex undefined. the quantity depends upon in-depth interviews to supply an insider account of the way courts, politicians, and activists maneuver and care for a state of the art social coverage factor, in addition to real-life narratives approximately daily humans whom the talk instantly impacts.

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As elaborated in the introductory chapter, Victoria Dunlap, the clerk of Sandoval County, New Mexico, issued sixtyfour marriage licenses to gay and lesbian partners on February 20. Mayor Jason West of New Paltz, New York, officiated at the weddings of twenty-four same-sex couples on February 27. On March 3, four of five Multnomah County commissioners authorized the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples in the Portland area of Oregon, and in the next seven weeks, more than 3,000 lesbian and gay pairs received them there.

Census Bureau, there were at least 600,000 gay and lesbian couples living together in the United States in 2000, in virtually every county in the country. – Evan Wolfson (2004: 87) No one knows for certain how many gay people are in the United States, because ‘‘[t]he gay and lesbian population is ‘invisible’ ’’ (Riggle and Tadlock 1999: 6). During the 2000 elections, national exit polls indicated that 4 percent of voters self-identified as gay or lesbian. Yet that figure represents only those citizens who were prepared voluntarily to identify themselves as lesbian or gay to pollsters.

As a student at Harvard Law School in 1983, Wolfson wrote the first extensive legal analysis of the issue, in a paper titled ‘‘Same-Sex Marriage and Morality: The Human Rights Vision of the Constitution’’ (Garrow 2004). Despite his own prescient usage of the term ‘‘same-sex marriage,’’ Wolfson began our interview with a request about this book’s title. ’’ It’s not about same-sex marriage. It’s about marriage. Calling your book something like The Struggle for Marriage and Same-Sex Couples would be more accurate.

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