America's Shame: Women and Children in Shelter and the by Barbara A. Arrighi

By Barbara A. Arrighi

Rejecting those that urge a bootstrap method of humans dwelling in severe poverty at the fringe of society, sociologist Barbara Arrighi makes an eloquent, compassionate plea for empathy and collective accountability towards these for whom both the boots or the straps are lacking. This ebook additional bargains ideas in cognizance elevating, group collaboration, and knowledgeable, dependable public coverage. The booklet is a critique of a method that purports to serve but occasionally impedes the welfare of these who're wanting the elemental components for survival, together with reasonable defend. It analyzes the structural elements of poverty and the social mental charges of being bad and missing a house. using interview findings from households who've lived in a safeguard in northern Kentucky and from employees contributors, the publication examines the degrading results of shield lifestyles on women's self-respect and kid's improvement. instead of an exam of person pathologies resulting in loss of safeguard, it facilities on girls and youngsters residing in shelters and gives a sociological research of poverty and the kin.

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Sadly, despite broad economic changes that severely constrain the ability of men to be good providers, our society continues to expect that men, not women, are to be financially responsible for their children. Men and women whose daily lives attest to the fact that traditional scripts can no longer be played out receive little institutional or social support. Politicos, including former Republican Vice President Dan Quayle, Democratic President Bill Clinton, and even Islamic leader Louis Farrakhan, have expressed little empathy for the plight of families and the dramatic changes men and women have faced and continue to face.

For example, historically, African-American mothers have had to leave their children to the care of extended family or Active kin on a weekly basis while they tended to the needs of Anglo children. Today, African-American fathers who cannot find a job that will support a spouse and children are often forced to leave their families so that the families can receive government assistance. Under these conditions, African-American (and poor Anglo) fathers live in fear of being found out or reported to a governmental agency if they try to stay in the home with their families.

But before turning our attention to the material conditions of families on the brink of disaster, some of the political rhetoric and persistent societal myths surrounding families who are poor will be considered. FAMILY VALUES Are family values a thing of the past? Listening to today's politicians about the declining significance people place on family life, one would think so. However, at all times and in all societies, family values and the status of family morality have been debated and the subject of political discourse.

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