Americanization and Australia by Philip Bell, Roger Bell

By Philip Bell, Roger Bell

Americanization and Australia is a suite of essays exploring the negotiation of impact and tool desirous about Americanization overseas. delivering a various reaction by means of experts in different fields, this ebook is an research of identification politics.

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They form] a very small percentage of the population [which is] a particularly noisy and active percentage ... 45 Not only did these complainants not go the pictures, but their accusations were extreme and unspecific. What a gift the motion picture has been to the uninformed critic seeking notoriety. He or she has attributed at one time or another all our ills to the American film. Do you ever notice that the critic of this type never names a picture? There is nothing you can pin him to. 46 Some of these opponents of Americanisation did speak from ignorance and narrow-mindedness and were, as Costello and other apologists for American popular culture described them, wowsers, busybodies, or self-serving inciters, of public wrath.

In the earlier stages of the war most Britons felt that America had callously betrayed a duty of civilization by neglecting to protest against Germany’s repeated violations of the international laws of warfare. 7 In this editorial, which almost smirked at the United States’ apparent impotence in the face of German insolence over its sinking of the Lusitania, the Age identified America’s fault as lying in its incomprehensibly ‘uncivilised’ commitment to a market place unregulated by superior values.

J. J. Matthews, ‘Dancing Modernity’ in Barbara Caine & Rosemary Pringle (eds), Transitions: New Australian Feminisms, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1995, pp. 74–87. R. Waterhouse, Private Pleasures, Public Leisure. A History of Australian Popular Culture Since 1788, Longman, Melbourne, 1995. ‘The Pope’s Encyclical’, Everyones, 12 August 1936, p. 8. Freeman’s Journal, Sydney, 5 March 1925: cited in F. K. Crowley, Modern Australia in Documents 1901–1939, Wren Publishing, Melbourne, 1972, pp. 398–99. For example, a series of letters to the Sydney Morning Herald, June–July 1932; see also J.

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