American Military Aircraft (Ls) by Jim Winchester

By Jim Winchester

Throughout the darkish days of global battle II, American army air strength was once cast into the mightiest conflict computer the area has ever obvious. within the house of 5 years, the us improved from the biplane period to an immensely advanced bomber – the smooth Boeing B-29 – in a position to providing the atomic bomb. After international conflict II, the USA Air strength, military and Marine Corps retained their technological superiority during the harmful years of the chilly struggle. the following new release of plane and guns, with the emphasis on flexibility and affordability, have confirmed their worthy within the fresh conflicts in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq. American army plane is a entire consultant to greater than 2 hundred strive against airplane and helicopters that experience saved the U.S. on the leading edge of aviation expertise. each one airplane is roofed intimately, with function containers outlining its improvement, technical necessities, functionality info, and variations. exact images permit the reader to check particular positive aspects like firepower, troop-carrying ability, and bombload to these of alternative plane of a similar style.

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SlHl: ~ IefIgtto ca"VIOi'\, ...... 66m' 0ver5NS, to RAF Brize Notfo() and Upper HfJyfo«I in Europe. t myal erioulo of l1li the StrMojets, the R8-47M wal ernpIoyMI on atnIte9iC ~ task. by the 55th SAW for • numbar of ~ bel ...... he taiIpIooeI IJOm the fuselage. ,.. WIth to 11M dcu inbo8rd STRATOJET (~Ipm) "'III': 6437 krn (3990 milas) ' utf! gh_I

T lefl sen·icc in 1943, but 1'-26s flew in Guatemal:1 until 1957. The P-268 of 1935 featured a fuel-injected angine, revised con trols and landing flaps. The flaps WEIre fiNed to reduce the landing speed, which had been excessively high in th& P-26A. 111111II1II.. m (360 miles) $efvl~. Ib) or fi ..... 60-kg (30-lb) bombs -... DI.... ll$lo"': span ""'. 69 m' (l50sq It) COMBAT DATA This P-26A carries the bad{Jtt alllM 95lh Pwsuil Squadron, known a s the ' Kicking Mules'. The squadron uMd the P-26 In the ground-all9Ck ro~.

Jod -- OH-58D Klaw. W. 'Ctabk w ... lfX\C"ily. ) rnechinoo guns. be 7(knm rc>ckM pods. ptO'o'isIon for Stinger . 'red 15 of lh ... -<4: 0iI8en5I0II5: ....... :J/rf'fl882eqlt) height The CI-l-580. ortI . s1·1TlCUl11lCl sq.!. cl to the 4th Squadron, 17th Cavalry, US Atmy, this OH-MO carries the COMBAT DATA rneono 9 TV -*" (In(Ien Infra-red. 4de \argIaCO'1g and noMgeloonai inIametb"1 .. aI Igh1: and _1hIr oonditIor& IIflI unit.. ]'"ThugI'. , ! _ .. ftiollwoolorw _ _ ... on ...... 1 rocors """'"_. b'I ......

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