America and the Holy Land (With Eyes Toward Zion) by Moshe Davis

By Moshe Davis

The carrying on with dating among the US and the Holy Land has implications for American and Jewish heritage which expand past the historic narrative and interpretation. The devotion of american citizens of all faiths to the Holy Land extends into the non secular realm, and the Holy Land, in flip, penetrates American houses, styles of religion, and schooling. during this ebook Davis illuminates the interconnection of american citizens and the Holy Land in ancient point of view, and delineates distinct parts inherent during this courting: the position of Zion in American non secular historical past, within the Christian religion, in Jewish culture and communal lifestyles, and the provoke of Biblical position names at the map of the United States in addition to American settlements and associations within the country of Israel. The ebook concludes with an annotated decide on bibliography of basic resources on the US and the Holy Land.

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Lazarus felt the pain and anguish of her fellow Jews in Russia, and she realized, much before others did in America and Europe, that Eretz Israel was the only possible destination for the Russian refugees. 67 In 1882, the very year of the great pogroms and flight of the Jews, Samuel Sullivan Cox, member of the House of Representatives, wrote a "contemporary" editorial in his Orient Sunbeams, or From the Porte to the Pyramids, By Way of Palestine. Walking among the "Patriarchs in Israel" at the then "Wailing Wall," overlooking their old and worn volumes, Cox grasped the ultimate truth: Jerusalem and the Jew belong to one another.

Its customs, sights, sounds, and localities were those I lived among in that early time, as shown to me by pictures, explained by word, and funded as a part of my undying property (p. 246). 9. Transcript at the Oral History Division, Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, dated 12 December 1976, p. 6. See also Jones's "Afro-Americans and the Holy Land," With Eyes Toward Zion I, ed. Moshe Davis (New York: Arno Press, 1977), 57-62, especially his statement on p. '" 10. Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America 2 (New York: Vintage Books, 1954), 152: On his return home he (the American) does not turn to the ledgers of his business, but he opens the book of Holy Scripture; there he meets with sublime and affecting descriptions of the greatness and goodness of the Creator, of the infinite magnificence of the handiwork of God, and of the lofty destinies of man, his duties, and his immortal privileges.

65. M. M. Noah, Discourse... (see note 56 above), 10, 51. 66.

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