Allies at Odds?: The United States and the European Union by T. Mowle

By T. Mowle

Why, regardless of their related ambitions, do the coverage personal tastes of the ecu Union and usa diverge on such a lot of multilateral matters? to respond to that question, Allies at Odds completely examines contemporary overseas efforts in palms keep an eye on, environmental safeguard, human rights, and army cooperation. proof from twenty separate circumstances helps the expectancies of the realist method of overseas politics, which specializes in the position of energy in particular. Neither cultural elements nor foreign associations have as a lot impact as a few anticipate. This discovering was once as real in the course of the Clinton Presidency as through the present Bush management, indicating that concentrating on personalities overlooks extra large and longer-lasting ameliorations among the Atlantic allies.

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51 The others would need to bandwagon with the United States in hopes of thereby gaining through association. Even in the German case, the scenario of regional counterbalancing seems most likely to hinder any overt German attempts to rise to become a great power. IntraEuropean balancing against Germany would be further enhanced by other European states’ bandwagoning with the United States. 52 These states would generally follow the Americans’ lead, supporting what it supports and opposing what it opposes.

If realist hypotheses are not supported, it would not be a devastating failure for the approach. On the other hand, if we find evidence that supports realist hypotheses even in this puzzle, the realist approach would be enhanced. 13 Waltz argued that state behavior can be explained by the structure of international politics itself. International politics is distinct from other political systems because it lacks a formal hierarchy: all states are sovereign, and thus none has authority to direct any other.

The EU would also aim to increase its own capability to act independently of the United States. Multilateralism can be used as a tool for balancing. If an agreement is proposed that would tend to restrict American capabilities or freedom of action, then the United States is in a dilemma. If it accepts the agreement, then it will suffer a loss of relative power. On the other hand, if it opposes the agreement, the United States will be defying “world opinion,” increasing the prestige of the EU relative to the United States.

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