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3) Unscrew and remove screws @ and connecting rod caps 0. 1 Screws 2 Cover 1 Screws 2 Oil pump 01-15 May 1983 ENGINE MAIN MECHANICAL UNIT 8. 0324 compress springs and withdraw valve stem totters using a screwdriver. 9. Sequentially remove upper caps, outer and inner springs, boots from intake valves, washers and lower cups. 10. Repeat removal procedure for each valve. 2 cups 1 Camshaft 5. W ithdraw front oil retaining ring from its seat on camshaft support using a screwdriver. 11. Withdraw yoke from head support tool and take out valves from head lower side.

Unscrew and remove the remaining nuts and washers @ and complete the separation of the two units. and washers @ from the starter motor 0 securing screws 0 and remove the starter motor from the engine unit. Withdraw the thrust beating from its support on the gearbox so as not to 1 2 1 2 Nut and washer Screw 3 Starter motor Lower cover 3 Screw and washer 1. Lubricate the direct drive shaft working seat with the prescribed grease (Grease Molykote paste G). 2. Perform assembly operations in the reverse order to the separation, tightening connecting nuts and bolts to the prescribed torque.

The pump is ? I. I& Block oil galleries , I which is driven by a gear fitted to the crankshaft. The maximum oil pressure is adjusted by means of a proper valve fitted on the pump. Oil is completely filtered in the suction head by a strainer then by a filter with cartridge placed on the oil passage and provided with a bypass safety valve, should the cartridge become clogged. The oil filter, on the engine rear cover, has unions for the recirculation of the oil vapours at minimum and high running.

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