Against Aristotle on the Eternity of the World (Ancient by Philoponus ; Christian Wildberg (translator)

By Philoponus ; Christian Wildberg (translator)

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Puella taurum novum spectat. Cum tauro ludit. The strange bull is Jupiter. The girl looks at the strange bull. She is playing with the bull. Note that the adjective agrees with the noun it modifies. 15. Preposition in with the accusative. The preposition in can be followed by either the ablative or the accusative case. If the ablative follows, the meaning is in or on. Tyrus est in Phoenica. Tyre is in Phoenicia. If the accusative follows, the meaning is into. Taurus puellam in terram novam portat.

Magistra erat perita. V. Translate into Latin: 1. The pictures about the goddess were beautiful. 2. The girls love beautiful stories. 3. The poet Ovid tells about the goddess and the maiden. 4. Arachne also tells stories about the goddess. 5. The rash girl was proud. 6. Minerva was angry because Arachne told stories about the wicked deeds of the gods. 7. The stories of the poet were long. 8. ‘T am trying to teach you,” said Minerva. 9. Minerva changes the form of the proud girl. 10. Arachne is now a spider and hangs on her thread forever.

She is the goddess o f wisdom. Nymphae silvae sunt pulchrae. The nymphs o f the forest are beautiful. II Europa et Taurus Filiae amicarum sunt timidae. Poeta insularum est femina Sappho. 15 The daughters o f friends are shy. The poetess o f the islands is the woman Sappho. 14. Nouns in -us. Nouns ending in -us in the nominative change to -um in the accusative and -o in the ablative case. Taurus novus est Iuppiter. Puella taurum novum spectat. Cum tauro ludit. The strange bull is Jupiter. The girl looks at the strange bull.

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