Africans In America (Immigration to the United States) by Richard Worth

By Richard Worth

The USA is really a country of immigrants. Spanning the time from while the Europeans first got here to the recent global, this ebook conveys the thrill of those tales to teens. It highlights the subjects, humans, areas, and occasions that have been very important to every immigrant workforce.

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These farmers rented land from their A Divided Nation former owners and paid them back with a share of the crop they raised. The plantation owners often took advantage of them. They overcharged the sharecroppers for supplies and kept them in debt. One of the tasks of President Andrew Johnson, who replaced Abraham Lincoln after Lincoln was assassinated in April 1865, was to come up with a plan for the reconstruction of the South and of the Union as a whole. In fact, the period immediately following the Civil War was known as Reconstruction.

Booker T. Washington, who one slave recalled, the traders was born into slavery and went on to “would ship boat loads at a time, become a prominent Africanbuying them up 2 or 3 here, 2 or American educator, said that his 3 there, and holding them in a mother “had little time to give to the jail until they had a boat load. training of her children during the This practice gave rise to the day. ’” our care in the early morning before This phrase means that someone her work began, and at night after the was abandoned or betrayed.

When she was a teenager, Harriet tried to defend another slave from the wrath of an overseer. For her trouble, the overseer threw a heavy weight at her head. She suffered lasting injuries. At age 25, Ross married John Tubman, a free African American. The Tubmans lived with the constant threat that Harriet might be sold by her master and moved far away. Eventually she decided to escape to the North. With the assistance of a neighbor and several others, she reached in Philadelphia. Soon after, Tubman went to work for the Underground Railroad.

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