Advanced robotics with the Toddler: student guide, version by Bill Wong

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The actual pivot occurs in the last phase where both feet are on the ground. Essentially one leg pulls the Toddler forward while the other pulls it backward. This causes the Toddler to pivot. The amount of rotation is a factor of leg placement and the level of friction between the Toddler’s feet and the surface it is on. Low friction results in minimal pivoting. Too much friction and the Toddler can fall over. The Toddler is essentially restricted to flat surfaces. The type of surface affects the amount of friction between the Toddler and the surface.

For example, implementing variable speed movements requires changes to all movement routines. Approach #2: Data Tables One obvious approach to consolidating 36 similar routines is to determine commonality within the routines and generating one or more routines that perform the same functions within certain parameters. Putting the parameters into data tables is one way to do this. Tables tend to be more concise in terms of construction compared to more explicit routines because the tables only contain parameters.

Then, after this is done movements 3, 4, 5, and 6 can repeat themselves so the Toddler can walk straight. StartForward WalkForward FinishForward DATA DATA DATA 1, 2, 0 3, 4, 5, 6, 0 3, 7, 8, 0 The BASIC Stamp’s EEPROM stores the byte-sized value 1 in location 0, the value 2 in location 1, the value 0 in location 3, the value 3 in location 4 and so on. The variable length tables are used to store a sequence of movements. This allows complex movements to be of arbitrary length. The tables are accessed using the PBASIC READ command.

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