Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Sanctandreani: Proceedings of the by I. D. McFarlane (ed.)

By I. D. McFarlane (ed.)

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Hadr. 2; Herodian 22. 38V 62/ 103, cf. 3. 14. 10. Dio C. 69. Ant. Pius 5. 4 (Lollius Urbicus); 40V 40V 13. 2 (lulius Severus); 40V 65/ 107, cf. SHA 397 63/ 104, Capitolinus cf. SHA Capitolinus Pert. 3. 6 (Pertinax). whole chapter has been used by Buchanan). 24. 65/ 109, cf. SHA Spartianus Sept. Sev. 18. 2; while Buchanan criticizes Bede here (1. 5), later he seems to follow his view (vallum): 47^/ 75/ 126, see also 637 97/ 164. 25. 40^-41V 65/ 108-09 and eariier 67 9-10/ 15-16, writing Camelodunum, like other sixteenth-century writers, though the ancient authors referred to at 67 9-10/ 15-16 have Camulodanum (Ptol.

13; 17; 18) and for a promontory in Spain (3. 1. 3, Latin translation: Hierna [edition of 1549]), but neither in Ptolemy nor in Stephanus of Byzantium; lerna is 'lepvT] also the reading of sixteenth-century editions of Mela at 3. 1. 10 for Laeron. already John Leland in his Commentarii in Cygneam cantionem printed with the KYKNEION ASMA, London, 1545) notes s. v. Iberi: "Poetae mentionem faciunt et luuernae, et lernae, quae verba, ut ego interpretor, Hiberniam, de qua nunc tracto, denotant", 41"^; 49.

21; 27; 4. For luliobrica Buchanan (227 36/ 61) refers Ill) and the Itinerarium Ant. , though it to Pliny (correctly: does not occur there, but Ptolemy (2. 6. 50) and in the Notitia dignitatum {occ. 42. 30). It is one of the sections which are not in the Edinburgh manuscript and may have been added at a very late stage (see note 75). 44. For Apoceanitas (47 6/ 10) see Th. Ruddiman p. 411, who suggests napcoxeavlxai (cf. Strab. 17. 3. 19; 24); I assume that Buchanan is rather thinking of a phrase like KeXxiXTi T) TtaptoxeavtTK; (Strab.

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