Acoustic Control of Turbulent Jets by A.S. Ginevsky, Y.V. Vlasov, R.K. Karavosov

By A.S. Ginevsky, Y.V. Vlasov, R.K. Karavosov

Results of experimental learn on aerodynamic and acoustic keep an eye on of subsonic turbulent jets via acoustic excitation are provided. It was once confirmed that those keep an eye on equipment, originated via authors, not just can accentuate blending (by acoustic irradiation at low frequency), but in addition significantly ease it (at high-frequency irradiation). This study monograph provides the up-to-date result of the authors supplemented by way of different investigations performed in united states, Germany and nice Britain. The tools for the numerical simulation of subsonic turbulent jets less than acoustic excitation are defined intimately, and examples are reviewed of useful purposes, together with relief of turbojet engine noise and acoustic keep an eye on of self-sustained oscillations in wind tunnels.

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O 4 8 12 16 20 24 xld Fig. 4. Changes in the average velocity and the velocity longitudinal and radial pulsations along the axis of a turbulent jet under its longitudinal and transversal acoustical irradiation. 1 - longitudinal irradiation, II - transversal irradiation. 4%. 38 CHAPTER 2. IIP--+----l o • () .. 0 St s Fig. 5. 4·10 . Fig. 89 and Sts = O (without excitation). 50]. 4 ) longitudinal acoustical excitation. Fig. 58]. 4 ). It follows, in particular, that the curves Stm (x / d) presented in Chapter 1 (Fig.

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46 make the greatest contribution in the establishment of the jet noise directivity maximum for small angles rp. 29] for subsonic cold and hotjets. As for the position of main noise sources in the jet, more precisely, in its initial section, there is no consensus on this point. 23] holds that the jet noise main sources are located at points of annular vortex pairings. 6 ---- 2 o ~~--~~~----------,----------I ~ ___ 30 ~~ - ____ ......... L-_~~ 90 ... ............ .............. ~ ...... -::-I -4 ~--------~--------~+-+---------I Fig.

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