Absolute Tao. Subtle is the Way to Love, Happiness and Truth by Osho

By Osho

Moving past the standard interpretations of this vintage chinese language textual content — that of utilizing it as a trademark of what to do subsequent or trying to are expecting the long run — Osho is utilizing the Tao Te Ching as Lao Tzu meant: to ignite the flame of person know-how and insight.

His commentaries on those seven verses burn via each concept we may perhaps carry approximately ourselves until eventually we will be able to see with an analogous crystal transparent gentle as Lao Tzu.

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He never renounces. And that is the meaning of my sannyas. The word sannyas means renunciation, but I don’t preach renunciation. Then why do I call you sannyasins? I call you sannyasins in the Lao Tzu’an sense: renounce and yet don’t renounce, remain in the world but yet out of it – this is the meeting of the opposites. So I don’t tell you to move, to drop, to leave your families. There is no need. Be there, be totally there, but deep down something remains above, transcendental – don’t forget that.

Even to say “absolutely with him” is not true – I am him, he is me. Historians are doubtful about his existence. I cannot doubt his existence because how can I doubt my own existence? The moment I became possible, he became true to me. Even if history proves that he never existed it makes no difference to me; he must have existed because I exist – I am the proof. During the following days when I speak on Lao Tzu, it is not that I speak on somebody else. I speak on myself – as if Lao Tzu is speaking through a different name, a different nama-rupa, a different incarnation.

That means by and by one gets dull, insensitive. That’s why the whole world looks so dead, so stale. It stinks. All relationships have gone stale, they have become ugly. So if you really want to love and be loved, that is not possible right now as you are. You have to disappear. You have to leave, so that a clean nothingness is left, a fresh nothingness is left behind. Only then can the flower of love bloom. The seeds are there but the ego is like a rock, and the seeds cannot sprout on it. And you say you want to be ordinary?

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