A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz

By Tony Horwitz

"What occurred in North the United States among Columbus's sail in 1492 and the Pilgrims' arrival in 1620?

On a trip to Plymouth Rock, Tony Horwitz realizes he does not have a clue, nor do such a lot american citizens. So he units off around the continent to rediscover the wild period whilst Europeans first roamed the hot international seeking gold, glory, converts, and everlasting early life. Horwitz tells the tale of those courageous and sometimes crazed explorers whereas retracing their steps on his personal epic trek--an odyssey that takes him inside of an Indian sweat inn in subarctic Canada, down the Mississippi in a canoe, on a street journey fueled through buffalo meat, and into sixty kilos of armor as a conquistador reenactor in Florida.

A Voyage lengthy and unusual is a wealthy mixture of scholarship and modern day experience that brings the forgotten first bankruptcy of America's heritage vividly to life." (Google Books)

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