Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers: Stories that celebrate our by Colleen Sell

By Colleen Sell

You recognize a lot pleasure your bushy buddy provides on your existence and during this attractive new assortment you will find fifty extra cats that would thieve your heart-one meow at a time.From a wayward Calico that rescues his relations from a dangerous snake to a worldly Siamese that is helping to heal her sick proprietor, A Cup of convenience for Cat fans celebrates the braveness, therapeutic, and affection of those mysterious and constant partners. So snuggle in together with your favourite pussycat and delight in the affection that just a cat can give.Because a lifestyles with out cats isn't any existence worthy purring approximately. Colleen promote has compiled twenty volumes of the Cup of Comfortbook sequence. She has authored, ghostwritten, or edited a couple of hundred books and released ratings of journal articles and essays. Colleen has served as editor-in-chief of 2 award-winning magazines, affiliate editor of a countrywide company journal, and residential and backyard columnist of a local newsmagazine. She lives in Eugene, OR.

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He propped the door up against the wall. ” I gestured to the closet. ” Phillip opened the door and looked where I pointed. ” He’d spotted the glowing amber eyes in the darkest shadow in the corner. ” The hall light went out. “That’s Mr. Hyde. ” Placing the lightbulb in his hand and urging him to climb the stool, I nodded. ” He handed me the burned-out bulb, and I tossed it into the trash on my way out the door. “One more thing, Phillip. ” —J. M. Cornwell Man’s Best Friend K nitting relaxes me.

First something had to be done about the window next to the bed. Though it was covered with a curtain, the gaps at the edges terrified the boy, so we duct-taped them to the wall. In the weeks and months to come, fear became more and more a part of their past. Fraidy still would not come to anybody else, but he let the boy carry A Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers 41 him everywhere. They played games, swung on the swing set, jumped on the trampoline. The boy lugged him up and down the stairs and all around the house, and each night he carried him to bed, where they snuggled down under the covers, where nobody goes anymore, and slept safely and soundly.

Their journey of trust had begun. Three years have passed since that summer night when the boy and the kitten came together in my home. Last night I scurried around getting kids off to bed, the five we have now going off in different directions. The boy came into the living room, where Fraidy, now huge and sleek, lounged lazily on the back of the couch he had once hidden behind. The boy no longer carries him, he just calls his name. ” The cat rose slowly from his spot, stretched his back tall in his I’ll-come-in-my-own-time way, and hopped down after the boy.

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