30-second Theories: The 50 Most Thought-provoking Theories by Paul (Ed). Parsons

By Paul (Ed). Parsons

In terms of gigantic technology, only a few issues are conclusively identified. From Quantum Mechanics to ordinary choice, what we've as a substitute are theories - principles clarify why issues occur the best way they do. we do not recognize for yes those are right - not anyone ever observed the large Bang - yet with them we will paint attractive, breathtaking images of every thing from human behaviour to what the longer term might carry. Profiling the main scientists at the back of every one concept, "30-Second Theories" offers every one access in a special, crowd pleasing full-colour layout, with thought-provoking extras and classy illustrations. it's crucial for someone a fan of increasing their brain with science's so much exciting rules.

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A small dose of the drug will disrupt the way most of the bacteria reproduce, so the infection dies away almost completely. However, a few days later the infection may return, as bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic take the place of those removed by the treatment. The change from a drug-susceptible to a drug-resistant bacterial population is a particularly rapid example of natural selection in action. Drug-resistance is passed on to the next generation of bacteria, and eventually all members of the population share this trait.

Fly me to the Moon—using Newton’s laws of motion. UNIVERSAL GRAVITATION THEORY the 30-second theory This description of one of the fundamental forces of nature is among the greatest achievements in science. Isaac Newton came up with it in 1687 as part of his masterful Principia Mathematica, a three-volume description of mathematics. Universal gravitation theory says that there is a mutual attraction between anything that has mass— anything made of normal matter, that is. That attraction depends on the two masses involved, the distance between them, and a constant known as the gravitational constant.

His simple job left him with free time to think about physics. Einstein’s “miracle year” was 1905. He published four papers. One of them, on the relationship between light and electricity, won him the Nobel Prize. Another was the starting point for the theory of relativity. Ten years later Einstein published his general theory of relativity. This theory brought together his ideas on energy, mass, and gravity into a single concept called space-time. As his life was rocked by world war and personal problems, Einstein continued to work.

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