199 Days : The Battle for Stalingrad by Edwin P. Hoyt

By Edwin P. Hoyt

The tale of the siege by way of the acclaimed writer of Hitler's WarIn 199 Days, acclaimed historian Edwin P. Hoyt depicts the epic conflict for Stalingrad in all its electrifying pleasure and savage horror. greater than the bloodiest skirmish in history-a momentous clash costing 3 million lives-the siege was once a hinge upon which the process heritage rested. Had the crimson military fallen, the Nazi juggernaut could have rolled over Russia. Had the German's no longer held out in the course of these previous few months, Stalin could have painted Europe purple. Now, over 50 years after the main impressive conflict of the second one millenium, the reality approximately this decisive second is eventually published.

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14 The war of 1942 was not the same war that it had been the previous year. German strength would never again be that of June 1941. The element of surprise had been lost. The battle of war production was being won by the Russians. Still, the Germans had regained strength over the winter, and Hitler now had hope of completing the conquest of Russia before the snow fell again. On May 17 the Germans began to move against the Izyum Bulge, using two panzer divisions of General Paulus's 6th Army. On May 28 the battle ended with the surrounding and capture of 240,000 Russian prisoners, 1,200 tanks, and 2,600 artillery pieces.

Only a handful of the troops escaped, and the army commander, General M. G. Yefremov, committed suicide. In the last snatches of winter the Germans and Russians sparred along the entire front from the far north to the south, without being able to make any definitive progress either way. German forces were under siege in several places, but were being resupplied by air and were holding out as Hitler had ordered them to do. It was difficult for the Germans, as in the situation at Kholm and Demyansk in the north.

The Germans held the villages, and the Russians attacked them with tanks and artillery and then with infantry. " These were unarmed men who went ahead of the infantry and vehicles to spring the land mines and paid with their lives. As each attack progressed, the snow was covered with the bodies of the tramplers. This disdain for human sacrifice was a central factor in the Russian system and rendered inoperative the best defense plans of the Germans. How effective is a minefield against a tank army that is preceded by hundreds of walking men, who blow the mines so that the tanks may pass?

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